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Glass Manufacturing - special projects
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Although we do not make "1-offs", Nazeing Glass Works is often asked to produce glass for special projects, both in the UK and abroad.

Most pavement lenses are standard sizes available from stock, but we can also undertake special projects, typical of which is being asked to make glass for is the Bridgwater "ropewalk" in Somerset.  This involved the manufacture of hundreds of special coloured paviours, used to form an illuminated trail from the retail park to the town centre.

As well as making newly designed products, Nazeing Glass is also used to reproduce the original glass blocks or light fixtures that need to be replaced during heritage restoration jobs.  Projects where Nazeing manufactured glass has been used include the restoration of Victoria Baths in Manchester, Savoy Hotel in London and Eltham Palace in Kent.

In many cases where a standard product is unsuitable, Nazeing Glass can often help.

Bridgwater Ropewalk

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